Saturday, July 7, 2007

Next Up: Old Colony YMCA Triathlon International distance.
Date: 07/15:2007

Location: Middleboro Ma.
Swim: 1 mile
Bike: 24 miles
Run: 6.2 miles

For me this is a stretch, I am still a bit of a green horn, I need a few more races under my belt before I can push myself to my limits, that is my rush.

I completed the Rock ‘N Roll Sprint Triathlon a little over a month ago, and kept up the training adding mileage. For me the one discipline that I need the most help in is the swim, not because I can shave time off, but because of the open water swim freaks me out. I have been swimming in a pool a few times a week so I am not too worried about the distance, but when I put my face down in the black abyss (I do have flair for the dramatic), Its easy for me to lose my cool.
A few times a day I try to picture the swim, the smell, the taste of the water, the temperature, my fellow swimmers, and the colors. This has done so much to relax me, and I know it is helping, so over the next week if I look dazed and I I’m drooling you’ll know what I’m thinking.

The bike/run is a 6 mile loop, so I’m sure I’ll be a little board. That’s somewhat of a lie, the pros of a loop is that you get to do it more that once. The first time around you learn, so the second, third … you can hit it with some intelligence, you know where the hills are, you know when you can let it out, and when you reel it in. This isn’t a fun run, it a race and I am ready to do battle with myself and the clock.

Training Day:
Today, I swam 1700 meters in the neighborhood pool, I had set up T1 at the pool, so I hopped out of the pool onto the bike and rode 25 miles, then back to the house for T2, then on the 10K run.
This was sweet, I had not done the complete distance before and I had some doubts about it, but not anymore. The weather was cloudy and a little dark and not too hot, with a few sprinkles. The swim was nice, not quite open water but at least it was outside, I felt it was somewhere between the lake and the indoor pool I’ve been training in. The bike went great, not too many cars on the road, and the hills were just rollers, the legs felt strong and I had a little left in the tank for the run. The run was good, T2 was at the house so I went inside changed out of my tri shorts and into my running shorts, grabbed my ipod and water bottle and hit the road. I chose bike/run course that was close to what I am going to be racing on next week.

Afterwards I cleaned up and the took the family to lunch and a movie followed up with a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods, what a day.:)
Final thoughts:
So all in all I thought today was the breakthrough day. I had some reservations about the Olympic distance, but after today I am feeling a lot better about it.
Got to spend some time with the family that I love so much and we all had fun.


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