Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekend at Dad's house.

Well, I got to spend some time with my Dad this past weekend. My wife and kids are still up north on vacation, so I decided to drive out to my Dad's house on Lake Murry in South Carolina and hang out. I got to do a big brick on Saturday, I got in the water and swam for 30 minutes, somewhere around .8 mile swim while Dad followed in the boat. Then I hit the bike for 24 miles ride that was pretty flat just a few rollers. After the bike I ran approx 3 miles, shorter than the normal 6, but it was getting hot and I did not want to be spent for the day.
So, the swim went swimmingly, the lake water is very murky, you can just see your finger tips. I was able to keep my stroke going for all but 2 or 3 times where I would roll over and back stroke for a few seconds to take a break and see where I was and where my Dad was. I defiantly felt the best I have in an open murky swim, I felt calm and swam straight.

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