Thursday, June 7, 2007

Old Colony YMCA Triathlon - O N E M I L E swim!

I am going back to Massachusetts for a visit, and while we are up, I want to race a TRI in the town I lived in for 5 years.
Its going to be nice to come back home and race, I haven’t been back since last November.
So the race is an Olympic/International distance, and I have now starting to train for it.
5 weeks to go:
I think my biggest worry is the swim,
O N E M I L E, it sounds so long, and I got to get better in open water swims.
Ok, so the race: Old Colony YMCA Triathlon

Race Date: 7/15/2007
Yomechas YMCA Camp
Route 28, Middleboro, MA
Swim 1 Miles Bike 24 Miles Run 6 Miles

Swim: A triangular course. Water Temp is expected to be in the mid 70's. Wetsuits will be allowed.
Bike: A multiloop flat course. You leave Camp Yomechas, turn right onto Rte 28, right onto Tispaquin Rd, right onto Thomas, right onto Chestnut, right onto Purchase right onto Rte 28. Do this 4 times, then head back to transition.
Run: The run is one loop of the bike course in the opposite direction.
Individual - USAT Member: $75.00
Last year just over 300 racers completed the race. And it looks like firm-racing puts on a good race.

I know the area well, the race is 4 miles from our old house. During some of my long runs I would run part of this bike/run loop, as I remember the hills were not too high.

So that’s it for all, I got to go get some laps in.


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One mile is long