Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2007 Rock 'N Roll Sprint Triathlon results

The race was great, both a half and sprint were run at the same time, starting in waves.
Between both races I would say a total racer count was somewhere around 500-600.
Lots of cool rides and some pretty sick people.

So the race:
I set a goal of under two hours, and I made it in 01:57:47, butI got a penalty of 02:00, for some reason unknown so my time is 01:59:47.
Well, I think I got it on the bike, just before the top of a hill, I got passed on the left and the passing ride and I were talking while we got to the top, maybe 10-20 seconds, then a motorcycle pulled up and I saw the passenger writing down our numbers, and I thought to my self this it isn’t good, then I thought they are just checking too see if we were on the correct loop, as the half course broke out ½ mile back. So I sent an email asking why I got popped, and I am waiting.

The swim was big (750m), I mean, the laps in the pool helped but swimming in a dark lake with the blender going was awesome! I thought I was going to die, kidding (a little), I had been swimming 1000 or more meters for 5 times a week for a few weeks, so I knew I could go the distance, but excitement of the lake and no lines to follow, and the fact I just couldn't take a break was daunting. I think I could of swam a bit faster but I didn’t want to blowup so early, but once out of the water I had to run a 300 yard or more to get to the mat in front of the transition area, so that added some time to the swim.
I got to business in T1, I was moving a good pace, but I need to recover a bit from the swim. I had everything laid out, I brought a 5 gallon bucket to wash off the sand off my feet, then I flipped it over and sat on it to put on my shoes (and had my sox rolled and powdered), grabbed the rest of the bike stuff, and ran 100 meters to mat and then to the mount line. I had taped a couple of gels to the top tube, one for the ride and one for mile 13 so I would have something for the run, the same time I was drinking Gatorade. The combo was a bit too sweet, and next time I might cut the Gatorade with water, and one gel would be enough, but that’s how you learn. The bike course was all hills, Georgia is very hilly, and it kicks my but, I got to drop a few, and get it some long rides. But I finished the bike, got into T2, and took my time stowed the bike and put on the sneaks, and out I ran, I was pretty tired by the run, and the course was a out and back, all up hill out and down was nice.
By the end of the run it was 84 degrees out and I was hot and spent.

Can't wait until next time.


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