Friday, November 2, 2007

Taper, The New England Patriots and Sam Adams

It’s been real busy few weeks. I work in the IT world and we just had a huge upgrade and it’s been keeping somewhat busy. But the all the regular work that got put on the back burner is now upfront.
My little on turned 5 (I guess not so little anymore) and my Dad, Mom and Grand Mother in from out of town. And the old “this, that and the other thing”.
Things are slowing down for me, the Patriots play the Colts this weekend so I am going to get my runs in and just kick back, watch the game and drink a few Sam Adams.

I am getting psyched for my marathon next week, just 7 days away…
Got some butterflies in the stomach, I know I’m ready, its just nerves. The event I have been training for these 18 long weeks is almost here and it’s felling a little weird.

So, I am doing fine, trying to rest up a bit and enjoy the taper.


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Wes said...

Dude, you are so ready. Enjoy the shorter runs, the Sam Adams, and the time you have for other interesting things, like going into work at odd hours to "fix" the upgrade ;-)