Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick spin around the blocks...

I've been in a training class all week and today we got out a little early!
I rushed home, the weather was just so nice, grabbed the bike and set of on one of my journeys. Well I’m not really sure of I can call it a journey because it didn’t take all day. So I going to change my mind and call it a leg and lung buster ride. I’ve spent much of the last 2 -3 months running and I have been neglecting the bike and I paid the price today.

My ride started with a quick look @ to find a route. I have knack to picking the route with the most and highest hills, either running or riding I am on the hills. I hope to race in the Mid-West someday…. So on the bike, the first 10 miles were a great, I was able to hold an average speed of 19+ and stay mostly in the aero position. Now this did have a bit of downhill so I have to credit part of it to gravity. During the second 10 miles I was able to hold an average speed of 17+, but I was starting to fade. The last 5 were painful, but I love pain and it felt good to ride again so I still had a smile from ear to ear.

If felt like it was 70+ degrees out, I just wore bike shorts and jersey and felt fine.

My new bike was great, I love ridding this thing. I need to adjust the max swing stop on the front derailleur because I was a little tough to get it into the big ring. Everything else was fine, smooth shifts and quite breaks, even the traffic was good.

I stopped off at a bike shop in Roswell, Ga. and they had my bike in stock for $250 more than I paid at If you want a Felt B12 check out Go Tri Sports and ask for Alfred Olivetti, he will hook you up.

Next up: Swimming at lunch, I would like to get in about 30 minutes in the pool tomorrow.


Wes said...

Nice ride, homie! Is that why my big ring is so hard to get into? Hmmmm. I gave up the little ring once I got it in there ;-)

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous of your bike prowess, I have got to spend more time in the saddle, ya know, learn to conquer those GA hills. Nice ride, very very nice!!!