Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pictures of the 2008 Felt b12

Today I got 25 miles, it was nice 65 and sunny. I have NOT ridden in about two months because of marathon training. This was my first 25 miles since summer and this bike was fast, I had an avg. speed of 16.5, while I wouldn't consider this fast, but 16.5 in some tall rollers isn't too bad
(I got to find somewhere flat to ride).
When I got home my legs where rubber and boy did that feel good, I love my new bike!

Here are a few pictures of my new ride, Felt B12.
When I was trying to research this bike I could only find stock photos, so I wanted to put up a few different angles. Crank shot, but the thing you can't see is that the rear brake is behind the cranks.
It looks like pad adjustments/replacement is a bit tricky.
Real nice cranks, the crank arms are hollow, nice touch.

Here is a another shot and you can just make out the brake.

Here is the brake from the other side.

Close up of the rear brake.

Standard shot.

If anyone is looking of any info let me know.


Wes said...

Pretty, pretty! FYI its bad karma to post pics of the bike before you've named her! :-) We will expect you to correct this ASAP!

David said...

That's a freakin' sweet bike, man. I've been lusting after the Felt tri frames since last year. I'm sure the B12 will energize you! (a little play on words, there)

Doc26.2 said...

Beautiful bike!

RobRich20 said...

Very nice! Doesn't get much nicer than a new bike and a carbon one to top that off. How do you like putting the computer down on the rear wheel. I love that idea and am interesting in hearing how it has worked.