Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Felt B12

I love bikes, if there is one thing I can get all geeked up about, its bikes.
This year its my time to buy what a TRI bike and it’s taken me countless hours / days of research, may trips to the bike shops, and I am loving every minute of it. I don’t know about you, but give me some shiny metal or some black carbon and I get all types of crazy thought in my head. I want to ride cross country or ride to work or ride … it goes on and on.
I am currently riding a ‘05’ Schwinn road bike with some clip on aero bars, and it hasn’t been all bad, but I really want get stronger and faster on the bike and I need fresher legs for the run.
I have worked my up in price so that I could consider a carbon frame, and this where you can go nuts. For me this is a big chunk of change and I really want to make sure I spent of correctly. It would be so easy to make a mistake, I could get the wrong side and then it game over, or I could buy an over priced bike from one of the big brands company, nothing against them, but I want an bike from a best of breed tri company.
I had narrowed it down to a few, I like the Cervelo P2C, Orbea ORA, Kouta K-Factor and the Felt B12. Every one of these bikes is a real tri machine and worth every penny asked.
But the wife said I could only get one, and I was just happy that we could agree one.
Choosing one out of the four is just about impossible. The Cervelo, what a bike, this model won IM Kona, sleek slippery carbon and killer looks. The Orbea, wow what a frame and groupo package, Orbea is really a nice bike, Kouta, the K-Factor is sweet ride, but for me the bike the makes me want to ride around the world is the Felt B12. This bike is new for 08, it’s the same frame shape as their B2 but with different carbon and a different part mix. This brand FELT really rocks, I know many people that ride Felts and everyone of them say it’s the best bike. I chose the Felt B12 for many reasons but here are a few in no peculiar order:
1) I trust the brand.
2) I like the carbon.
3) I think Felt has the correct geometry.
4) I love the groupo.
5) Nice wheel set.
6) It rides nice.
7) It was the best bike for my budget
8) It a proven winner.
9) It looks like a mad rocket.
10) I think it will improve my riding.

I love bikes.
Thank you my wife for letting me be a kid in a candy shop!
I bought my new ride at Go Tri Sports, this place is just awsome, please give them a TRI.
You are not going to find a better shop and staff anywhere.
I know they have the new Felt B12 instock so go on down for a visit or call them at 843.842.4786, and when you do ask for Alfred Olivetti, this is the person I worked, Alfred had in-depth knowledge of all the product I wanted and he gave me the best price I could find.
So if you're on a budget like me this is the place to shop.


Dan said...

That's a really sweet bike--congrats on getting it! Nik has a nice Redline cyclocross and I have a measly Kona hybrid. We'll probably be taking those out after Nik finishes her marathon as a change of pace.

Oh--and congratulations on your marathon!

Wes said...

But the wife said I could only get one

LOL!!! I love that! Little does she know, the triathelets desire for bikes is always (n+1) where n=the number you currently have. I borrowed that from someone :-)

I might get a new frame someday. In the mean time, I'm going to upgrade mine. That is one sweet ride. You'll enjoy it, and blazing a new trail on the course for sure!!

Thomas F. Anglero said...

Reading your post made me think that your passion for the sport is shared by probably thousands of us, thanks for sharing.

Did your bike shop not carry Kestrel bikes? Kestrel started the carbon fiber bike movement and has more victories at the pro and age-group level than any other bike company. I am very happy for yo and your Felt but don't knock Kestrel.

You can only knock their marketing team because know knows the Kestrel facts that most bike companies would kill for :)

Brian said...


I should of listed the Kestrel Tallon, I do really like the company. My only issue was the geometry, the seat post angle is 73.5 and I really wanted 76+.
But your right, Kestrel has done so much for the carbon bike.


Thomas F. Anglero said...

Hi Brian,

The Kestrel Talon has a reversible seat post (this was where Cervelo got the idea from for their reversible "Team Soloist" model seat post) that instantly converts the seat post angle up to 78+ degrees.

Have a great off-season! And enjoy your GREAT bike! (I'm green with envy :)

Chris Evensen said...

Was wondering if you still look at this. Wanted to ask you some questions about your B12 after you've had it for a while.