Monday, October 6, 2008

Emerald Point Triathlon:

My full race report is coming, but here are some quickies:

The swim start was nuts, too many in my wave (approx 100+).
I started about mid pack to the left and it was like swimming in a crowded mall at X-Mas time.
By the time I got some real estate it was about the halfway point.
The swim exit to timing mat was about ¼ mile away and all uphill, so swim times are way off.
The bike was great, I must of passes 50+ people, that felt good.
The bike had some good hill, and I got out of the saddle a few times.
The last 6 miles or so, I was hauling a$$ and screamed into t2, the crowds were great.
The run was slow, but I'm a slow runner.
I had to walk for a minute or two here and there, my right foot Achilles tendon and arch in bad shape.
At the half way point on the run everything started to feel much better and I finished strong.

I like this race.
Next time, I'm getting upfront on the swim.


===== ======= ===== ================
52/67 604/749 412 Brian MacDonald

==== ======= =====
41 11:12 3:34

==== ======= =====
28 43:27 18.0

==== ===== ====
63 40:41 13:08



Kevin said...

great job, cant wait for the full report

Wes said...

Well done, bro! I didn't even know you had this one on your schedule, nor had been training for it!! Way to kick some bootay!!

J said...

Good grief! I would have drowned!!! Next time, I would be at the baek and take my time. But then I am not the one swimming, you are. Always so easy to be an armchair swimmer!

Congratulations! You da man!!

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you liked this race! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Great Job! That was definitely a fun course with great fan support. I wish I was as fast as you in the bike. I got passed like 50 times on the bike. Better luck next year.