Monday, December 10, 2007

I am enjoying the Holidays:

Like I’ve posted earlier, I’ve been kicking back, and just enjoying the Holidays.

Post marathon, my running has slowed down to about 10 miles per week, and I am feeling a little guilty.
My hiatus from pool has ended and I’ve been swimming 3-4 times per week.
The Felt has been getting some time on the road, the weather down here has been crazy warm, today was 77.

I figure I’ve got three weeks of half loafing half training left on my recharge.

I’m going spend some quality time with the family, eat a little pie, drink a few Sam Adams. I suggest you do the same.

Love each other people, you only get one shot at life so make it count.

If I see ya in the pie line I’ll wave.



Wes said...

Great way to recharge that mojo! Off to the pool today for an easy 750 :-)

team buttar said...

Holidays are nice but I can't wait for the new season to start ... and plan my whole schedule around it :)

Fabian F